Would you get married before going on a date?

You don’t have to get people to buy from you in the first sentence. You don’t even have to get them to give you money in the first conversation. This realization was vital to me when I started doing sales and business development. The trick is to think about a journey, not a single transaction. There are all kinds of courses, marketing funnels, pipeline, and sales processes that address this concept in detail. It is important to have a broad understanding before you get too far into such technical details.

I have found that a simple mindset helped me understand this at a high level. Here’s my framework to get started in a marketing or sales conversation.

I break my conversations and messages into three stages: Aware, Attract, Commit.

First, I want people to be aware of what I’m offering or proposing. When it appears my prospect is a good fit then I want to attract them with more details. Finally, if the conversation is still going well then I want to get a commitment. It could take a few minutes or months to walk through this process. It all depends on the size and impact. Trying to jump straight to commitment is like walking down the aisle before meeting your bride.

You can apply this framework to many different situations such as selling a product or service to a customer, getting your manager to approve your project, convincing your neighbor to help pay for a broken fence, and many more situations.

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